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Glass Decoration

Adding a fresh splash to a daily life and  unique appearance to a house – this is the main purpose of decorative windows. A variety of colors and the most daring design solutions make decorative windows a good option for people wishing to express their personality.

UNIVIEW LLC offers its customers not only with high quality products, but also various creative solutions. You can order special design constructions from us : bent imposts, hidden accessories, different options of profile and double-glazed windows decor.


Sand Blasting

Sandblasting method for glass (matting) has come to us relatively recently, but has reached considerable use among manufacturers of glass products. This is a surface treatment of glass using specially selected sand. Processing is carried out on a special machine, which allows obtaining a continuous matte surface or surface with an artistic pattern. Special technologies allow creating patterns of any complexity.

The matting of glass by sand blasting may be overall or partial. Sandblasting the entire surface of the glass allows achieving a homogeneous solid matte surface. Partial matting of the glass occurs with special stencils, which allow processing only some parts of the surface, leaving the rest of the glass surface intact.

Matted double glazed windows look perfect in interior doors, and this is a great option for metal-plastic bathroom doors. They are resistant to moisture, easy to clean and look beautiful. Many customers also order such windows for shop displays, offices with corporate personalisation (logos for example).


Laser Engraving

Laser engraving method, which evolved in glass industry comparatively recently, has revealed the endless possibilities for artists and designers’ creativity working with mirror and glass. Laser engraving allows applying absolutely any image of photographic quality to various glass and mirror surfaces, used in construction and design.

Laser engraving can be used to create stained glass panels for doors and windows, countertops, glass mirrored partitions. This method of glass processing is enhanced by the impression of playing light, giving the interior extraordinary brightness.

Laser glass engraving allows linking components of different materials, including those that do not fit into a single ensemble when arranging the premises, focusing on details.

The laser engraver can produce products of slightly worse  quality than those made by sandblasting, but this method has its benefits. Glass laser engraving is faster, easier, most accurate, and precise and does not require wearing a mask, like when working with films or water. In addition, most importantly, the engraving method does not require fixation of the product, as there is no physical contact with the object being engraved. The method allows reproducing everything that can be displayed on your computer screen: text, photos, drawings and any patterns.

Laser engraving on glass is applied both on a flat surface and cylindrical one. This way, one can engrave products all over around, giving them a unique look.

Interesting ideas and wishes for design and decoration of structures, embodied in the laser engraving inside the glass by our talented craftsmen, allow obtaining a real work of art.



To choose a window with a frame bar or without is a personal matter. Some appreciate appearance, the others think that functionality of the window is most important to them. However, before ordering frame bars, it is worth looking at them not only from the aesthetic point of view, but also in terms of operation. Depending on your wishes, windows can be decorated with structural or decorative grids.

The grids for windows can be wide and narrow, straight and milled, curved in the form of an arc or circle. They can be combined at different angles, forming different shapes (sun, stars, etc.).

The grids can help  dividing glass freely: symmetrically, asymmetrically, into two or more identical segments  or into several irregularly shaped sectors.

Structural grids for windows are considered to be the most beautiful ones. They are part of the section, made of the same material as the window frame, have the same finish, and therefore look beautiful in the same structure.

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