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All our windows are made-to-order, custo


great solution for passive and low energy buildings as they have the highest thermal insulation performance.

 Main advantages:

  • 40% lighter than others, due to the lack of metal reinforcement

  • ease of transportation; the speed of installation of the structure

  • reducing the load on the building;

  • simplified the process of opening and closing the structure due to the sash weight reduction

  • Full tightness due to the additional central contour seal.

  • Various shapes and sizes of windows, an elegant design that reflects the latest trends in European architecture.

  • Excellent anti-burglary safety system and high noise isolation that has not been achieved to date

REHAU GENEO is an innovative product. It has a unique 6-chamber profile system with a depth of 86 mm, made of RAU-FIPRO material. The base of the profile is reinforced with glass fiber (the specific tensile strength of fiberglass is three times higher than in steel, and the modulus of elasticity is more than 15 times higher than in concrete).

REHAU GENEO profile windows are a great solution for passive and low energy buildings as they have the highest thermal insulation performance.


REHAU GENEO windows provide maximum energy savings.​ It is an innovative development by REHAU, a German concern.

This profile was intended to be the best energy-saving solution for all the existing proposals. The design  depth of 86 mm provides  an extremely high energy-saving performance.

In addition to the highest heat retention rates, REHAU GENEO is characterized by its unique strength. It is made of RAU-FIPRO, a fibrous material used in the production of Formula1 fireplaces which makes REHAU GENEO windows extremely durable.

In 90% of the strength margin, it is sufficient to produce windows without the use of steel reinforcement, which significantly increases the heat transfer resistance and reduces the weight of the structure while extending the life of the windows hardware .


REHAU GENEO is all the top window technology in one product.

This profile has the best performance in all dimensions:

Better heat retention. The thermal conductivity is more than twice as high as that of standard five-chamber systems - up to 1.67 m2*°C/W as compared to a Uniview energy-saving double-glazed window. For comparison, the value required for building standards for Europe is 0.75 m2* °C/W. Energy-efficient Uniview double-glazed windows can have a thickness of up to 44 cm.

Better sound insulation. Up to 50 dB. Almost complete sound absorption of the outside noise. Even the noisiest streets of the city will not be able to penetrate the closed plastic windows of the REHAU GENEO profile. Quiet, peaceful environment in your home, and quiet sleep for your children - will be ensured by REHAU GENEO.

Dust and moisture protection. The solution with the additional contour of the seal can be considered the best to date. Increased dust and moisture protection characteristics are provided not by two, as in the most systems, but by three sealing contours . In addition to the two non-breaking contours of the high-quality EPDM seal, a middle seal is added. This is a medium-sized petal-type seal made of RAU-PREN process material, resilient and load-resistant.

Structural strength. The large cross-sectional area of ​​REHAU GENEO makes angular welded joints of structures extremely strong. The need to use reinforcement arises only in the manufacture of structures of large size.

Safety. Due to its high structural strength, REHAU GENEO has high resistance to breaking (class WK-3 (A)). It is possible to significantly increase the anti-burglary stability of windows with REHAU GENEO by completing GU hardware with anti-burglary bars, and double-glazed windows with triplex glass or tempered glass.

The mushroom studs of the hardware, moving  into the anti-burglary bars, make unauthorised window opening impossible.


UNIVIEW tempered double-glazed windows will withstand a high impact. If, however, the tempered glass fails, it will crumble into 5mm-safe pieces. The triplex glass is a sandwich of two glasses and a film between them. When broken, retains integrity without falling out of the glass.

Appearance. REHAU GENEO windows have a smooth shiny white finish. If you wish to order designs in a different color, UNIVIEW will provide you with a wide range of colors and a choice of decors. More than 20 colors on the table RAL, different types of wood imitation decors.

The laminating of profiles is carried out on our own UNIVIEW laminating line. RENOLIT SE films (Germany) have high resistance to ultraviolet radiation, retain their properties throughout the life of the windows. You can easily find the right color or decor for your home or office.

A variety of designs. The increased strength of the REHAU GENEO profile allows it to produce structures of any size and shape. Thanks to the patented technologies developed by UNIVIEW, your possibilities of ordering non-standard designs are extremely wide.

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