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REHAU Euro 70

is the modern standard of windows. This is the option when there is everything you need and in sufficient quantity.

  Main characteristics:


  • The level of thermal insulation saves on heating and air conditioning;

  • Sound insulation (up to 43 dB) allows you to enjoy silence, even if there is a busy traffic thoroughfare outside the window;

  • The width of the reinforcement chamber is 35 mm, which allows to make designs of large sizes;

  • Two sealing contours block airflow and prevent dust and moisture entering from the outside;

  • A wide range of additional profiles provides a variety of design solutions.

The five-chamber profile system REHAU EURO 70 can be called the modern standard of windows. This is the option when there is everything you need and in sufficient quantity.

The windows of the REHAU EURO 70 profile combine serious sound insulation, noise and dust protection, high energy-saving characteristics and elegant appearance. A mounting depth of 70 mm and a five-chamber structure provide high rates of thermal conductivity.

REHAU EURO 70 is a universal profile system. Its structural and energy-saving characteristics make it possible to produce all types of metal-plastic structures.

rehau euro70.jpg

Energy saving. Guaranteed heat retention in winter and significant savings on heating is ensured by the high coefficient of heat transfer resistance of REHAU EURO 70 profile - 0.77 m2*° C/W. Such indicators exceed the norms required for Europe of 0.75 m2*°C/W.

Such high rates of heat conservation are ensured by the five-chamber structure of the profile and the ability to install energy-saving double-glazed windows up to 40 mm thick. Filling of glass windows with inert gas and the use of energy-saving glass significantly increase the energy efficiency of the window.

Sound absorption. Five profile cameras and 40mm double-glazed windows provide reliable noise protection. The window sound insulation of the REHAU EURO 70 profile is 43 dB. This is enough to absorb virtually all the background noise from the street.

Dust and moisture protection. The two sealing contours of the REHAU high quality EPDM seal make the windows of REHAU EURO 70 completely sealed. The sealing contours are closed, which prevents moisture and dust from entering the room when the window is closed. The seal can be easily changed in the event of damage.

Structural strength. The strength of the window structure depends on several indicators, the most important of which is the strength of angular joints welding and high-quality reinforcement, fixed according to the technology. Reinforcement used in windows of profile REHAU EURO 70 has a thickness of 1.5 mm fixed in the profile according to the technical documentation.

Appearance. Due to the availability of our own Uniview window lamination, the Uniview windows TM with REHAU EURO 70 can be ordered in any color from the RAL table. The wood imitation decor of different shades is popular. Lamination films are resistant to ultraviolet rays and weather conditions, do not change color throughout the life of the windows.

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