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UNIVIEW WINDOWS energy-saving double-glazed windows.

Our energy-saving double-glazed windows deliver impeccable quality and the latest technology.

Our speciality is a double-glazed  with SWISSPACER plastic spacer frames  and Krypton inert gas, which greatly improves energy efficiency.

Climaguard Solar glass became widely used by our company. The impeccable thermal properties help prevent the room from overheating in the sun in summer and effectively keeps the heat in the room during the colder months.

Most of our double-glazed windows  are filled with Argon inert gas, which further enhances the energy efficiency of the structure at minimal cost. The minimum content of inert gases in double-glazed windows is 90%. We guarantee the effect preservation for 10 years.

  Main advantages of double-glazed windows produced by UNIVIEW WINDOWS:

  • Automated production of double-glazed windows using an equipment of the world leader Lisec (Austria)

  • Considerable experience and spotless reputation – we are adhering to the double-glazed windows production technology.

  • Our own production of double-glazed windows using high quality and two-component polysulfide and butyl, which ensure the mechanical strength and tightness of the double-glazed window throughout the warranty period.

  • Exceptional internal quality control of the double-glazed windows production.

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