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We use a high quality film made by the German manufacturer RENOLIT SE (Germany) for  lamination of PVC  windows and doors.

The uncompromising quality of RENOLIT films is based on the 50-year history of RENOLIT SE. RENOLIT lamination films are produced at 24 factories of the company. ISO 9001 certified quality control system, the latest equipment and highly qualified specialists make it possible to achieve high quality RENOLIT films.

High quality PVC film will be a great design addition for your windows or doors. The lamination of the windows will maintain the quality and and color in both hot summer and harsh winter.

RENOLIT film consists of two layers. The bottom layer of PVC contains color pigments, and the top transparent top layer protects the paint and decor from fading. It is a transparent layer of polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA), which absorbs more than 95% of the ultraviolet rays, which ensures the durability of the film.

Laminated windows and door care will be easy.. It is enough to wipe the film once a year with a sponge or brush using household detergents or soap solution. This will ensure the original appearance of the film throughout its lifetime.Lamination of metal-plastic windows can be two-sided (window is laminated on both sides) and one-sided (window is laminated on one side, external or internal, with the other side remaining white).

It is possible to combine the attractiveness of wooden windows and the energy efficiency of the metal-plastic ones by ordering lamination of the profile for different textures of trees.


Profile painting

In addition to lamination, our customers have an option of plastic windows and doors painting. We paint the plastic profiles with high quality paint made by FEYCO company, operating in Switzerland.

PVC profile painting

Profile  painting is performed using high-quality Swiss technology of air spraying in specialized dyeing chambers that ensure  high quality products.

PVC profile painting process:

More than 1000 shades are available at your choice, including metallic and mother-of-pearl colors. It is also possible to prepare paint based on such color palettes as RAL, Renolit. After painting, PVC windows and doors, the surface may have a different degree of mattness.

Paint made by FEYCO company, operating in Switzerland has a number of advantages:

  • excellent adhesion of paint to the surface;

  • paint is perfectly spread and covers the surface of PVC profiles;

  • withstands  temperature deviation;

  • paint drying period is about 10 minutes;

  • no special requirements to painting.

FEYCO paint contains special components and additives for protection against ultraviolet rays. In addition, the paint can withstand heat without changing its physical properties. Specially designed enamel formula allows painting PVC profiles without priming, providing excellent adhesion. Enamel has been tested in German and Swiss laboratories and has all international certificates.

When you place a window or door painting order with us, we promise to deliver the highest quality result, which will serve you for many years. 

High-quality paint has many valuable properties such as: it is resistant to temperature deviations, UV rays and mechanical damage.

Thanks to a wide palette of shades, painted windows or doors will complement your existing design or will help in creating a new unique design and look for the property. 

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