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REHAU Synego

excellent energy-saving and sound insulation

  Main advantages:

  • highest level of thermal insulation

  • sound insulation (up to 46 dB) significantly reduces noise

  • various choice of designs and colour options

  • the most advance soundproofing thanks to the third sealing contour

  • reliable protection against dust & moisture.

REHAU SYNEGO is a new profile system that makes windows 50% warmer. The REHAU SYNEGO profile is a 7-chamber high thermal insulation system with a heat transfer resistance of 1.0 m2 ° C / W. In combination with the heat-efficient double-glazed window, the heat transfer coefficient of the structure is up to 1.51 m2°C/W. The REHAU SYNEGO profile system has an advanced security class - WK-3 (A).

This profile is an eco-friendly product that meets all European quality standards.
Designs made from this profile have been certified and approved for installation in medical and paediatric institutions.


​Plastic windows REHAU SYNEGO - excellent energy-saving and sound insulation

REHAU SYNEGO - a new development of the REHAU concern. High energy-saving features, excellent noise insulation, a perfectly smooth, high strength (HDF) surface - all these benefits are reflected in the SYNEGO AD and SYNEGO MD, profile. This profile has 2 versions of SYNEGO AD and SYNEGO MD, which differ in heat transfer coefficient, thermal insulation ratio and number of contours.

The main idea behind REHAU SYNEGO is to maximize heat retention. It was this indicator that the developers focused their attention on.

Design depth of profile 80 mm.

Number of chambers: 7 in frame and 6 in leaf.

The maximum thickness of the double-glazed window is 51 mm.

 Let's take a look at the benefits of REHAU SYNEGO in more detail:

Energy saving. Due to the considerable depth and sophisticated design of the REHAU SYNEGO profile, the Uniview windows with energy-saving double-glazed windows have a maximum high thermal conductivity of 1.51 m2*°C/W. This is almost twice as high as the norm required for Europe and twice as good as most five-chamber windows. Accordingly, such windows retain 50% more heat.

Choosing windows from REHAU SYNEGO is a great opportunity to save significant heating costs and create comfortable living conditions at home.

Soundproofing. The multi-chamber construction (7 cameras in the frame and 6 in the sash) and the possibility of installing double-glazed windows up to 51 mm thick allow to achieve high sound absorption rates of 0.46 dB.

Uniview windows from the REHAU SYNEGO profile "mute" the noise. Your home will always be quiet and peaceful.

Dust and moisture protection. REHAU SYNEGO has two sealing contours made of high quality RAU-PREN seal. Closed windows of REHAU SYNEGO become sealed and securely protect your home from dust, moisture and drafts. The third contour of the central seal of the petal type is specially added and makes protection even more reliable.

Structural strength. REHAU SYNEGO is a high strength profile. The large cross-sectional area and the large number of partitions of the cameras ensure the rigidity of the angular connections. The thick outer walls and the large number of longitudinal partitions, which play the role of stiffening ribs, make REHAU SYNEGO resistant to flexing and deformation. In general, UNIVIEW windows with REHAU SYNEGO are twice as strong as regular windows. Glazing for apartments and private homes, balconies and conservatories - REHAU SYNEGO is great for any type of construction.

Safety. The massive and load-resistant REHAU SYNEGO profile provides excellent protection for your home as standard.

The German GU hardware used in the production of UNIVIEW windows as standard is equipped with mushroom studs. When you complete the flap with anti-burglary  GU slats, it is impossible to open it with a mounting key by squeezing the flap.

Appearance. REHAU SYNEGO profile surface is HDF - High Definition Finishing. Nice gloss, perfect smooth finish - your windows will look attractive. Also, the high-tech surface finish makes window care easy and enjoyable. Dust and other contaminants are easily removed without damaging the profile or changing its color.

Variety of designs. The high structural strengths of the REHAU SYNEGO profile make it possible to produce structures of any shape and complexity. Trapezoids and triangles, rhombuses and squares - we will produce a window of any shape according to our client's wishes!

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