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All our windows are made-to-order, custo


Is a perfect combination of low price and guaranteed quality.

  Main advantages:


  • energy saving

  • sound-absorption

  • dust and moisture protection

  • structural strength

  • low cost

  • easy care


REHAU ECOSOL 60 is a traditional three-chamber PVC profile system with a design depth of 60 mm.

The width of the reinforcement chamber (35 mm) allows making designs of the big dimensions;

Two sealing contours block airflow and prevent dust and moisture from entering the inside;


The high quality surface of the High Definition Finishing (HDF) window does not require complexed care;

Due to the slanted frame and sash folds, drainage is better and window care is easier.


The key feature of the REHAU ECOSOL 60 products is the combination of low price and guaranteed German quality.


Energy saving. REHAU ECOSOL 60 Thermal Conductivity Coefficient - 0.62 m2 * ° C / W The products of this profile will best perform when used in balconies, loggias, partially heated or unheated winter gardens and terraces, internal partitions of offices, office buildings and shopping centers.

Sound-absorption. 41 dB. REHAU ECOSOL 60 effectively reduces noise, making your life comfortable and peaceful. All background noise will be absorbed. Only the strongest sounds can be heard muted through closed windows. (thunder, sirens, etc.)

Dust and moisture protection. REHAU ECOSOL windows and doors 60 have two closed sealing contours. On the sash and profile frame. In the closed position, the window becomes completely tight. A high quality rubber based sealant retains elasticity at any temperature. It is wear-proof. It can be easily changed in the event of accidental damage.

Structural strength. The strength of the REHAU ECOSOL 60 profile allows to produce structures of any complexity. In addition, using the patented technology of “Big shutter”, also makes elements of large size (up to 2100mm * 1300mm). For interior partitions, winter gardens and terraces there is a wide range of various reinforcing profiles and plates, which are finished with decorative overlays.

Low cost. One of the main advantages of REHAU ECOSOL 60 is its low cost with excellent quality. The windows and doors from this profile successfully combine the best performance of metal-plastic constructions, while, at the same time, saving considerable money for the purchase.

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